Turning Your Cake Decorating Passion 
        Into a Viable Business


Do you have a passion for cake decorating? Do you astound friends, neighbours and coworkers with your 

amazing and unique cake decorating techniques and creations? Do you dream of turning your cake decorating

 passion into a viable business? If so, you will want to check out these tips on turning your cake decorating

 passion into a viable business.

The more special attention and customization that you put into your work, the faster your name will be 

known for quality and reliability, and since these cakes will always serve as a focal point of the party, you can 

quickly create client lists with little effort

What do you need to start a cake decorating business

·       Having a  Passion for Cake Decorating is the first step

·       Go for professional training even if you have a natural flair and talent

·       Name your cake decorating business to reflect your passion, expectation and dreams for the    business as it will become your Brand

·       Write out your business plan and shop for your professional equipment

·       Decide on your location – homebased, locality, shop etc

·       Design professional stationary, business cards, flyers

·       Network everywhere  and spread the word about your business

Marketing Strategy for fast growth

Perhaps you have heard that marketing is the key to success in any business A good promotional and 

marketing strategy will help you focus on your current market, get the most out of your advertising efforts and 

ensure that a consistent, high quality image is maintained

 You need to ask yourself a few important questions such as:

·  How will l structure my business so that my cake brand will stand out for quality, exquisite design and extravagant beauty

·  Why would a customer come to me and not a competitor?

·   What am I offering that is unique? How can I stand out?  What can I do differently that a customer would appreciate

·   What discounts, coupons, special incentives can I offer my potential customers to jump start my business

       Marketing strategies for fast growth

·      Create an Ad for Your Local Paper, event programs, church bulletins,

·       Donate cakes for free publicity where your business will be announced to a large crowd eg  school events, church annivasary, charity events

·       Promote Your Cake Decorating Business with Your Own Website - Many people use the internet to research cake design and potential cake decorators. If you want to reach a greater number of people, you will definitely want to set up your own website

·       Use social media to your advantage create a facebook page to showcase your work, tweet about it on twitter and set up a linkedIn profile

Below are other businesses and groups that you might consider asking for permission to display business cards and flyers:

·  Bridal Gown and Tux Shops also other Wedding Vendors

·  Children's party places and hosted event centres

·  Daycare Providers

·  Beauty Salons (I got a lot of business from these)

·  Baby stores (baby showers always have cake!)

 Esther is the Director of FantasyCakes Nigeria Top International Cake Designer and Course Instructor at the Fantasy Cake Decorating Training School in Ibadan located at 4 Afolabi Durotoye Street opp Bodija Int Sch. Bodija Ibadan tel 08056167617, 08023081115

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